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[UPDATE – Nov 2017] You may have come to this page looking to read a review on the VIP Electronic Cigarette please don’t buy this kit without looking at alternatives first.

Originally this review was written when I first started this site but since then I have found out that you can get better quality electronic cigarette equipment from better online vendors.

I have been vaping for well over 5 years now and learnt so much about what kits to buy and what not to buy.


Do your self a huge favour and buy quality kit for a bit more money it will help you in the long run, 90% of all vaping equipment I buy and use is from ePuffer or Jac Vapour.

I have also switched a lot my friends over from the overpriced crap e-cigs you get from the supermarkets to top quality e-cigs kits for around the same price, they are all still using them to this day and have quit normal cigarettes altogether…Result!!


Have a look at these starter kits below, I HIGHLY recommend these 2 kits for any beginner:

In the long run you would be much better off buying a quality starter kit from any of the vendors above.

VIP Electronic Cigarette Review

Chances are good you’ve come across a VIP kiosk in recent months while you were out shopping. They seem to be sprouting up in areas all over the UK and making a splash in the electronic cigarette community.

For that reason, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the VIP line of electronic cigarettes and help shed some well-needed light on what it is that the VIP brand has to offer its consumers.

The following review should help you decide whether VIP e cigs are a smart choice for helping you meet your vaping needs. Let’s get started!

VIP Major Products

VIP currently offers two major product lines: the V-Range and Photon. The V-Range is VIP’s standard analogue-based e-cigarette. The Photon is VIP’s tank-based eGo e-cigarette.



The V-Range looks and feels like a standard tobacco cigarette. Here is a run down of its key features:

  • One rechargeable automatic battery that is designed to look and feel like an actual cigarette. It features a blue indicator tip that tells you when the battery is in operation and is out of power.
  • Carrying case with room for battery and two cartridges. Unfortunately, the case is not a portable charging case (PCC) – just your standard hard cover carrying case.
  • Two standard refill cartridges that match the flavour of the kit you chose – comes in four different flavours: Tobacco, British Gold, Virginia, and Menthol; and two different strengths: 1.6% nicotine and 2.4% nicotine.
  • Ten refill cartridges of your choice. You can choose any of the cartridges mentioned in the standard refill cartridges section above.
  • USB charger that comes with an included wall charger, free of charge.



The tank-based Proton line of VIP products is arguably the company’s most popular e-cigarette model. It comes in a variety of different model options. Below is an outline of the key features of its most popular model, the Photon Pro:

  • One 1,300mAh variable voltage rechargeable battery that offers a voltage range between 3.2v and 4.8v and comes equipped with overcharge protection.
  • One open-ended Glassomizer 2.1 ohm tank that tends to be susceptible to e-juice leaks and vapour drops (getting non-vaporized e-liquid in your mouth when you puff).
  • 10mL bottle of e-liquid in the flavour of your choosing. Current e-liquid flavours offered are USA Tobacco and Menthol – both in two different strengths: 1.6% and 2.4% nicotine. There’s also a Pear flavour available that is nicotine-free.
  • One USB charger that can be hooked into your computer or any other USB-capable charging device. Wall charger sold separately.
  • Presentation box. VIP’s elegant way of saying there is no case that comes with this particular Photon e-cigarette kit. If you want one, you’ll have to shell out an extra 5 pounds sterling to get it.

VIP E Cig Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Different nicotine strengths available. Unlike Vype options, the VIP e-cigs do offer two different nicotine strengths – but that’s still not as many options as other e-cig brands.
  • Battery strength is decent. The battery performs relatively well – very few vapour drops occurred while vaping.
  • Vapour production is above par. The clouds of vapour were thick with this unit, but the throat kick left a bit to be desired (which shouldn’t be surprising).


  • Solid design. The Photon feels very durable and well-crafted. Unfortunately, that does make weight an issue with this eGo.
  • Variable voltage (VV). A nice feature that let’s you decide how much vapour you want with each puff. The only downside is that there’s not much difference between the two levels.



  • Short battery charge life. While the battery has decent strength, it offers a lot to be desired in the battery charge life department. After a couple of weeks, the life shortens significantly.
  • No portable charging case (PCC). I admit, if a PCC was offered with the V-Range starter kit, I’d be more impressed with the overall package. Unfortunately, you’re left with only a standard carrying case and one battery.
  • Cartridges don’t last long enough. The V-Range replacement cartridges seem to run out faster than other similarly sized cartridges.


  • Pricey. The Photon Pro Super is definitely on the higher end of the price bracket for e cigs in its same class. For what you get, it’s arguable whether the price is worth it.
  • Heavy in the hands. I’m all for durable design with an electronic cigarette (which VIP accomplished with the Photon), but the durability has led to a product that fills excessively heavy in the hands.
  • No carrying case. There is no carrying case included with the Photon Pro Super starter kit. All you get is a presentation box. Sure, you could buy a case for 5 pounds sterling, but the kit is already expensive enough (see above).
    No significant differences between VV settings. The difference between vapour production is not very noticeable when switching from voltage settings.


VIP V-Range Compact Starter Kit – £22.50

VIP Photon PRO VV Super Kit – £39.99

Final Verdict

VIP currently offers no product line that excites me personally. Besides having a retail presence, there’s not much more that makes them stand out from other providers. Sure, they’re a step above your normal everyday electronic cigarette, but that doesn’t mean they’re one of the best.

For overall quality, price, and customer service I still stand fast with JAC Vapour. What more can I say that hasn’t already been said about this company? They have high quality devices, great tasting e-liquids, and the most competitive prices in the UK market.

If someone were to ask me who’s the best in the e-cig community right now, JAC Vapour still gets the nod … no questions asked.

Please let me know if you have any comments to add about the VIP Electronic Cigarette range below.

[UPDATE – Nov 2017] My Conclusion:


Check my reviews on the starter kits below:

11 Comments on VIP Electronic Cigarette Review

  1. i bought a VIP starter kit costing £36 and iv went back anf forth to falkirk howgate centre to complain,it hasnt worked properly since i got it on 4/6/2015,i still have reciept,i would be pleased to exchange it,ir not a refund as im not pleased with this.

    • TheVapeZone // 13/07/2015 at 4:07 pm // Reply

      Hi Carolyn,

      I’m sorry your having problems with your VIP starter kit. I DON’T actually work for VIP, I have only reviewed a couple of the starter kits they currently stock.

      If I were you I would email them directly and tell them about the problems your having with your existing VIP kit and try and get a refund that way.

      I would HIGHLY recommend you check out my review on the JACVAPOUR starter kits as an alternative to the VIP starter kit you have.

      JacVapour V1P PCC Pro Starter Kit –

      This is the one I started using when I first switched to ecigs and it’s still working.

      Please come back let me know the outcome once you have contacted VIP.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. do i get an exchange?

    • TheVapeZone // 18/08/2016 at 4:06 pm // Reply

      I would ask them directly Carolyn – I do not work for the company I only review the products they send me.

  3. Stanley Melling // 03/08/2016 at 8:52 pm // Reply

    I purchased a VIP photon silver kit(2 batteries and two clearomisers and charger for £39.99, wouldn’t recommend it to anybody First clearomiser had problems on fifth day and after a fortnight both had given up, what I didn’t know at time of purchase that the clearomisers are sold as DOA, which means you have 24 hours to make sure everything is working and that is it. I reported what I thought was a faulty clearomiser and expected a replacement, but was told about Dead On Arrival rule. So if a clearomiser dies after the first 24hours then you have no comeback. The clearomisers don’t have coil replacement. Also the batteries were different styles. So for my £40 I have two odd batteries and a charger and the option of buying 2 more clearomisers for £8.99, which may or may not last a fortnight. I’ve emailed VIP since but have had no reply, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement

  4. I bought a photon pen that didn’t work, took it back got it changed and the plastic tank part came apart. . This time ii bought the metal rank for it but the connectors wouldn’t touch, well that’s what the assistant said. The assistant said a faulty batch?
    I then got an eleaf online worked great for a year. Before the battery began to need charging a lot.
    I checked VIP opening times and went to get one, but kiosk was closed. It was before the online advised closing time. Assistant said he had locked everything away and I couldn’t but the nexus I’d gone in to get!!!!
    I emaijed head office. Got a receipt that they got my email, but nothing else back. I called. WELL… First, we didn’t get an email, then oh you got a receipt, well there’s a lot of mail to deal with…CLEARLY lots of pd off customers. Then when the manager spoke to me… Git your email it the very next one to be dealt with.
    I got a reply via email saying THANKYOU we will let the kiosk Mansger know….. NEVER USE THEM AGAIN….Custoner Service is just awful.

  5. I bought the VIP proton kit just over a year ago, it did help me give up smoking but been back again and again to kiosk with problems of consistent problems with no real help apart from replacing parts again and again and again, I will look into your recommendations!

  6. Just bought the nexus (07/04/2017) looking forward to giving up smoking cigarettes. Two weeks after I bought the device I went to return it at the stall I bought it from Wellgate Dundee shopping centre, I had the lady there inspect and she could see that there was no damage done to the device and I explained that I did what she had told me to do unscrew the tank and fill from the bottom when I did this the area where you adjust it came loose and now won’t stay on. She called her area manager who told her no I can’t replace it as I only get 48h warranty, I then called customer services who then told me the same thing and blamed it on me that I broke it. This is not a great or even good not even an average rated company to me I would never recommend them to anyone and by all the reviews I’ve read since I can this has been an issue for years.

  7. Oh and btw I was told about the warranty when I purchased it….the tank was complety fine no leakage, no cracks, just loose so seriously WTF

  8. I would recommend trying the Vapour 2 starter kit. It’s not that expensive and it’s functional and also looks good. I had this one for over a year and never had an issue with it. What is good about this brand is that you can buy many flavours of cartridges or just blanks and fill them up with liquid of your choice (which is in my opinion unnecessary because theirs are tasteful).

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