Top E-Cigarette Brands – UK Edition


The UK electronic cigarette market is quickly becoming saturated with new e-cig brands fighting to make their mark in the industry. And while there may be a few entering the market that show a bit of promise, most are prematurely offering less than stellar products.

This article was created to give you direction as you navigate the UK electronic cigarette market. Better yet, it was created so you don’t have to sift through the mounds of e-cig providers to try and find the best of the best.

It’s all been done for you here.

Below, you’ll find a brief rundown of the top three e-cigarette brands currently operating in the UK (based on popularity and overall quality).

JAC Vapour

JAC Vapour is the current undisputed champion of the UK-based electronic cigarette market, and rightfully so. One look at their product line and you’ll find some of the most innovative, premium, and surprisingly affordable e-cigs in the industry. If you want the best “bang for your buck,” then look no further than JAC Vapour.

Key Features

  • Impressive selection of electronic cigarette devices – from standard e-cig starter kits to personal vaporizer kits. All premium quality. All praised by the community.
  • FREE delivery on all UK orders over 50 pounds sterling.
  • Devices are simple to assemble and operate. No complicated instructions to follow.
  • Wide range of different e-liquid flavours to choose from. From traditional tobacco and menthol flavours to cappuccino and apple.
  • Very helpful guides and resources for new vapers. Their website features a nice selection of user guides, resources, and tutorials geared towards both rookie and advanced vapers alike.

I suggest reading this review and this review to find out more about JAC Vapour’s line of electronic cigarette products.

Vype UK

Vype is the brainchild of British American Tobacco and has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. While the company got off to a somewhat rocky start, it has continued to improve its products each year, and is now viewed as a top contender in the UK e-cig market. There’s just one company keeping it at bay (see JAC Vapour above).

Key Features

  • Sleek, innovative design. There’s no denying the “freshness” of Vype’s packaging and product design. Both the ePen and eStick are sleek and appealing.
  • Great for light vapers. Vype has a solid grasp on the light vaper demographic – those looking to quit nicotine altogether or who want little nicotine and vapour production. Unfortunately, that demographic is arguably the smallest in the industry.
  • Great tasting e-liquids. While Vype currently offers only three different e-liquid flavours (Blended Tobacco, Crisp Mint, and Dark Cherry) each one has a pleasant flavour profile. But keep in mind that there’s only one nicotine strength level available.
  • Free standard delivery – when you purchase a Vype ePen or Vype eStick starter kit.

Click here to read my straight-to-the-point review of Vype’s current line of e-cigarette products.


VIP has a strong presence in the UK retail market, and, like Vype, they continue to grow in popularity each year. However, the company still has a long road ahead of them in order to reach the quality level of Vype, much less JAC Vapour. That being said, they continue to come out with decent products each year (even if the price doesn’t quite match the quality).

Key Features

  • Solid design – especially with the Photon series of electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, their durable design makes them a bit too heavy in the hand.
  • Good vapour production. Both the V-Range and the Photon models produce a nice amount of vapour when puffed. The only downside is that their vapour doesn’t seem to last as long.
  • Free Express Delivery on UK orders over 19 pounds sterling. The product is dispatched within 24 hours of it being ordered.

Click here to learn more about the VIP line of electronic cigarette products and accessories.

Parting Advice

I just gave you a brief overview of what I consider to be the top three e-cig providers currently operating in the UK. Here’s what I recommend you do next:

  1. Follow the links I included in this article and read up on all three of the brands mentioned above.
  1. Ask me any questions you might have via the comment section below. (Before you ask: If I were to choose the VERY BEST UK-based e-cig provider, it would be JAC Vapour hands-down, no questions asked. Their e-cigs, in my opinion, simply can’t be topped.)
  1. Do your own research before making a final purchasing decision. There are tons of e-cig providers out there right now. Don’t feel like you’re restricted to the three above.

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