Top 8 Most Insane E Liquid Flavours You Have to Try (#4 Is Unbelievable!)

Top-8 Most-Insane-E Liquid-Flavours

Top 8 Most Insane E Liquid Flavours You Have to Try (#4 Is Unbelievable!)

While it’s true that most vaping enthusiasts tend to stick with the more traditional e-juice types (here’s looking at you, tobacco and menthol), every now and then it’s nice to mix things up a bit and try something out of the box.

In those cases, you want an e-liquid that brings something different to the table, but still tastes delectable. You want an e-juice that “zigs” when all the others “zag.”

That’s why I’ve put together a list of eight of the most insane, off-the-wall e-liquid flavours currently available that actually taste good.

The next time you feel a little daring, do yourself a favour and give one of these awesome e-liquids a try.

1) Apollo’s All Nighter

All nighter

Apollo’s All Nighter is essentially everyone’s favourite bull-ridden energy drink transformed into a delicious e-liquid – complete with nicotine and (you guessed it!) caffeine. Each drag gives you a jolt of energy (wings not included). Where to buy?

2) Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk


Don’t fret. I assure you this e-liquid is not derived from any part of the female anatomy. But Mother’s Milk does give you a sweet, creamy custard flavour on inhale and a smooth, fruity strawberry flavour on exhale. This is definitely one to try. Where to buy?

3) Mad Alchemist’s Dragon’s Breath


Looking for a little sweet mixed with little tangy and capped off with a dash of spicy? Then look no further than The Mad Alchemist’s Dragon’s Breath – a combination of raspberry (on inhale) and cinnamon (on exhale) flavours. Where to buy?

4) Firebrand’s The Elvis

Firebrand’s The Elvis

Only the crazy crew at Firebrand would come up with an e-juice based on “The King of Rock-n-Roll’s” favourite sandwich of all time. What does that sandwich consist of? Peanut butter, bananas, and bacon! Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you The Elvis… and it’s delicious! Where to buy?

5) ANML’s Looper

ANML’s Looper

Looper takes you back to the days when breakfast consisted of a freshly opened box of fruity loops cereal with fresh, rich, whole milk poured on top. Unlike other cereal-based e-juices on the market, this one actually tastes like fruity loops cereal. Where to buy?

6) Five Pawns’ Lucena

Five Pawns’ Lucena

I almost feel like I’m not sophisticated enough to even talk about Five Pawns’ Lucena. This e-liquid was meant for vapers who enjoy the finer things in life. This complex e-juice captures the base flavour of spiced rum mixed with a dash of white peach, giving it what Five Pawns calls “the flavour harmony of a fruit cobbler with a savory reduction sauce, garnished by freshly shave hazelnut.” Yep… fancy. Where to buy?

7) Vampire Vape’s Bubblegum

Vampire Vape’s Bubblegum

Remember those big gumballs you used to get from the red bubblegum dispensers back in the day? Remember how the sweet and juicy flavour only lasted for ten seconds before it was gone? Vampire Vape has found a way to sustain that flavour indefinitely in their Bubblegum e-juice, and they’ve succeeded tremendously. Where to buy?

8) Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s Trueberry Sugar and Knife

Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s Trueberry Sugar and Knife

Besides having one of the longest and coolest names in the vaping community, CCD’s Trueberry Sugar and Knife also contains a mix of some of the most unique flavours ever packed into a single e-juice bottle. It starts with a pineapple upside-down pancake and culminates with a blackberry maple drizzle topping. I’ve got one word for you… YUUUUUM! Where to buy?

Now, It’s YOUR TURN!

I’ve listed some of my favourite off-the-wall e-liquid flavours. Now it’s your turn to list some of yours. What’s the craziest e-juice you’ve ever tried? The best-tasting? The worst-tasting? Let us know in the comments below!

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