The Milkman E-juice (Vaping Rabbit) Review

The Milkman e-juice

I’ve finally got round to do this review of “The Milkman” e-juice by The Vaping Rabbit

Firstly, I must say a HUGE thank you to No.1 for sending this e-juice to me to review, they did send it free of charge but this does not sway my opinion on it whatsoever. I have had this juice for around 6 weeks now so it has had ample time to steep.

Ok, so what is “The Milkman” e-juice?

Here is the description on their website:

1 x 30ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid

99%VG Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerine Contains Natural and Artificial Flavours

Bottled in Sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Available only in 0, 3, and 6 milligrams of nicotine (I opted for the 6mg)

“The geniuses behind the Vaping Rabbit line of premium e-juice are taking us all on a journey to the next level of vaping with The Milkman. The Milkman has taken a warm, toasted fruit tart, thrown it into a blender with a dollop of delicious vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of icy cold milk, delivering a truly sensational flavor right to your taste buds in a delicious, vapable, MAX VG bottle.”

I do love the description they give, it makes your mouth water, right?

I couldn’t wait to try this particular e juice, I saw a lot of people tweeting it about on twitter and had to try it myself.

Let’s get down to it.


I think this is hands down the nicest e-juice packaging I have come across so far.

The Milkman e-juice packaging The Milkman e-juice packaging

It feels like a mini carton of milk!

Once opened you’re greeted by a nice white bottle with a child proof top and a dropper. The bottle is made of plastic NOT glass which is a shame because I do think this would have been an even more premium e-juice if it was in a glass bottle.

That aside, I do love the packaging of “The Milkman” e-juice.

Let’s get into the important bit – how does it smell? As soon as you open the bottle you are engulfed by a strong sweet smell of vanilla and a creamy strawberry scent.

It’s very dark in colour (becomes darker after steeping).

I was very tempted just to drop some on my tongue and test it I loved the smell that much….but I didn’t!

Time to taste!

To test “The Milkman” I used the AERO TANK MINI which I got from JacVapour and this was attached on the JacVapour Series-E battery I have completed a review of the battery + a review of the aero tank will follow shortly

I chose this particular tank because I like the fact you can control the air flow which has an impact on how the juice vapes and how it tastes.

Set up

Tank: Aerotank Mini by Kangertech

Atomizer rating: 2.0 ohm

Battery: Series-E various voltage by JacVapour

Voltage setting: 4.2v


After having a 3 second draw on the tank I get a sweet warm taste hitting my tongue. On the initial inhale I get a nice creamy taste of vanilla and a slight cinnamon cracker/toast flavour.

On the exhale I experienced more of the milky vanilla flavour with a hint of strawberry.

I would say the flavour is similar to those little penny sweet milk bottles! remember those? That’s what I’m getting when tasting this e-juice.


The strawberry flavour is kinda lacking a bit for me, I would like a stronger strawberry flavour on the exhale to compliment the vanilla bean flavour.

This juice really is pleasant if you like the sweeter side of e-juices, I have so far vaped 20ml with only 10ml left, I have and I would vape this all day.

I have also let some of my fellow vapers try it to get their opinion and they loved it, they describe it as very moreish and with that they continued to take more and more puffs on it…

Even those who do not vape or smoke analog cigarettes loved the smell that this e juice kicks out.


“The Milkman” boasts 99% vegetable glycerin which is a big deal for me as I have an intolerance to PG (Propylene glycol).

The throat kick you get from this is enough for me but maybe not enough for some, Maybe this is because the nicotine levels are very low (6mg) and also the fact that it’s 99% VG, but I do get enough of a throat kick for my personal taste.

I have yet to try this in my Subtank Mini which I have heard really amplifies the flavour, I may add to this review in the future when I get round to trying it in the Subtank Mini (if I have any left that is).

Another benefit of being 99% VG is the CLOUDS that this juice can kick out.. it does say on the box “FOR YOUR MILKY CLOUDS” and I see why now! So if you do like your clouds of vapour then this juice will deliver.


30ml will cost around £14.95 which makes it £4.98 per 10 ml

You may think this is a tad expensive but for what you are getting it’s totally worth it and for a premium juice I think the price is pretty spot on.

Where can I buy “The Milkman” e-juice?

There are many online stockists who have this juice but my recommendation would be to get it from:


They stock a very huge array of e-juices from around the globe and have very good customer service.

It is a VERY popular e juice and it’s quite often out of stock across all the sites, so hurry!

My conclusion

I really love “The Milkman” e-juice – the creamy vanilla bean taste with subtle strawberry tones on the exhale, is delicious.

It’s a perfect after dinner dessert vape as well as a good all day vape.

It’s definitely worth a try if you like your sweet e-juices.

Please note: This e-juice will benefit hugely after a good steep for 2-4 weeks.

Have you already tried “The Milkman” yourself ? Comment below with your opinions on it.

7 Comments on The Milkman E-juice (Vaping Rabbit) Review

  1. I purchased this e juice and I’m trying to determine if I received an expired bottle. It was very harsh and the liquid was thin. I’ve purchased high vg content e liquids many times and they’ve been thick. I also noticed the vapor production is the worst I’ve experienced. I would like some input on this matter. Thanks

    • TheVapeZone // 21/12/2015 at 4:39 pm // Reply

      Hi Brad,

      That doesn’t sound too good, the juice I received was quite thick! I still have some left in the bottle it has turned a very very dark shade of brown. I’ve also noticed the flavour as changed from when I first tried it, it doesn’t taste as good any more :(. I can only presume this I because the amount of time is has been sitting on my shelf.

      My advice would be to message the vendor you purchased it from and see if they will send you out another bottle.

      How was the taste when you vaped it?

  2. Michelle // 09/08/2016 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    This juice is amazing. Did a bottle in 3 days between my partner and myself. The liquid is think the taste is so creamy and smooth. It does what it states on the packaging. Worth the money. Just need some uk website where I can order it. If your unsure of this product you won’t be dissatisfied with it. My favorite liquids are b bomb by General vapes, dinner lady lemon tart and now this. I would put this with my three number one vape juices

  3. Kangertech // 05/11/2016 at 12:33 pm // Reply

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  4. Rafael Huynh // 14/02/2017 at 10:29 am // Reply

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  5. Raphael Nott // 17/03/2017 at 10:56 am // Reply

    Hey really nice article very informational.

  6. I have got two different kinds from them. One comes in glass is less think and lighter in color and is fantastic. The other comes in a plastic bottle is very think and dark and is sweeter and more chemically tasting.

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