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I was approached on Facebook by company called iMECiG asking if I would to do a review for them on one of their e-cig starter kits.

Of course I said yes, I was interested to see what there starter kit was like. (I was sent this kit for free but this in no way will sway my opinion on the kit).

By the looks of it they mainly sell all their products on Amazon. They also have a website: imecig.com with all the products they sell and links to Amazon where you can buy them.

Here is what they say about themselves on their who are we page:

“IMECIG was founded in 2015, US. Our first and foremost goal is to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

We want to build genuine relationships with our customers, on an individual basis.

In return, we want our customers to see us as a group of individuals, and not as a faceless corporate entity.”

Key facts about iMECiG:

– All products are sold on Amazon (currently offering free delivery in the UK)

– Life time technical support

– 30 day warranty

Let’s get into what they sent me to review…

L1 Starter Kit With LED Power Indicator

2 X 650mah Standard battery 1 X Black, 1 X White

2 X Refillable tanks

4 X Flat drip tip mouthpiece (2 fitted),

2 replacements coils (2 fitted)

1 X USB charger lead

User Manual



The starter kit comes with two ego battery, with a 650mAh capacity. That is quite small when you think about what other kits come with (at least a 1000mAh). It has a 5 click on and off safety feature..it will output a normal 3.7v.

They also feature a “Smart LED battery indicator”- There are four white LED’s on the side of the battery the base and each represents life left each counts as 25% charge, So at lease unlike normal Ego batters you can see how much vaping you have left out of the battery.

Charging is done by plugging the provided USB cable into the bottom of the battery.

iMECiG Battery

There’s not much more to say about the battery, it is a standard Ego battery which comes with majority of starter kits now-a-days and is one of the safest and reliable batteries currently on the market.


The clearomiser constructed of metal and has a plastic tank. You fill the tank by unscrewing the bottom of the clearomiser and insert the e juice into the bottom and screw it back on.

The tank sent to me wasn’t too bad although it has a plastic tank which really disappoints me because some liquids cannot be used with plastic tanks, and they are prone to cracking.


iMECiG Tank

The atomiser is rated as 2.5ohm’s (a bit higher than what I usually vape) but a beginner would not really notice the significance of the rating as long as vapour is produced.

I tested this tank using my own DIY e juice flavoured liquid which is 99%VG based (due to having a intolerance to PG based liquids). One thing I had problem with was filling the tank using my DIY bottles as the gap you have to fill the tank through is very narrow. The e juice bottles that really sell have a thinner nozzle so it’s much easier fill the tank.

Once filled, I took some priming puffs and a big draw. First impressions: it handles pure VG juice well enough so I did not get dry hits.

I did not encounter any gargling or popping using this tank.

Vapour/Throat hit:

I will compare these two to what I’m familiar with, the EVOD tank from Kangertech.

I did get a nice amount of vapour with this clearomiser but that is mainly because I’m using a very high ratio of VG compared to PG, this is why I get much more vapour compared to what a 50/50 ratio would get.

Being only 0.4mg strength I felt an adequate throat hit.

Price: £24.99 + FREE DELIVERY in the UK via Amazon

Where to buy: CLICK HERE


This starter kit by iMECiG is pretty good value for the price your getting it for, 2 complete ecigs.

I’ve been using the iMECiG kit for around about 2 weeks now and thus far I’ve had no problems with leaking or cracking.

If your looking for a cheap starter kit to get you started and don’t want to spend to big and try vaping for the first time this is a option and the fact it’s sold on Amazon means you can rest assure if you have any issues you can contact Amazon or iMECiG direct.

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