JacVapour V1P PCC Pro Starter Kit – In Depth Review

This is the very electronic cigarette starter kit I started using myself when I first made the change over from analog cigarettes. I used this kit for around a year before upgrading to more “advanced” vaping systems.

JacVapour stock many different starter kits but this is the one of the best e-cigarette starter kits for 2015.

I will break down the individual parts of the kit to make it easier to follow.

JacVapour ViP PCC Kit Pro (2x battery included)

JacVapour V1P PCC Pro Starter Kit


1 x V1P Portable Charging Case
1 x USB cable (200mm)
2 x V3i batteries
2 x LED tips for the batteries
5 x Cartomisers
5 x Mixed coloured bungs
1x USB charger (backup charger)

PCC (Portable Charging Case):

A PCC is a device which will let you store and charge your e-cigarette batteries while out and about. It is, in my opinion, a MUST have item in any e-cig starter kit.

This charging case is really a thing of beauty, it comes in 3 colours: black gloss, white gloss and graphite.

 JacVapour-Portable-charging-caseI have the black gloss version, it’s a good solid design and has an excellent build quality to it. It also features a smooth sliding metal door giving easy access to the compartments inside. The whole outer casing is made from metal which shows JacVapour have not compromised on price or quality creating this product.

It has the capacity to hold one full e-cigarette with 55mm, 62mm or 65mm batteries, a 35mm cartomiser and has a 82mm battery charging slot. JacVapour’s 78mm battery will only fit in the case when the cartomiser is not attached.

To charge a battery you simply unscrew it from the cartomiser and screw it into the PCC charging case. The charging point is actually on a tiny little hinge which let’s you pull up the charging point to screw in your battery then drop it back down into the compartment… it’s the small simple things.

 JacVapour PPC battery hinge JacVapour PPC battery hinge close up


Now on to what is hiding in this lovely case! Enclosed inside is a rechargeable 1200mah battery.

I’m not sure exactly how many times you can charge a battery but using it myself I can easily get 4-5 charges out of it using the 65mm batteries which is not bad going.

I find this case particularly handy on nights out, it will gladly charge a battery within 2 hours while I’m using one to vape on. I never have to wait inbetween to have a puff.

To charge the PCC you inset the USB cable provided into a spare USB port on your PC/laptop or you can connect directly to a plug socket using a USB power adapter (not provided). It should take around 5 hours (stated on the website).

Another good function on the PCC case is the LED indicator on the bottom so you don’t have to guess when the charging case is running low on juice.


With the press of the button the lights should illuminate to tell you exactly how much battery life is left in the unit. Five illuminated lights being shown on the case unit means it’s fully charged.

Typically, each light will be a full charge of a battery (depending on the capacity of the battery of course) so 5 lights should in fact get you 5 full charges out of a battery.

I’m sure I could keep going on about this PCC but I still have the other parts of the kit left!

Quick summary:

  • Sexy sleek design
  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Good solid design
  • It’s made from metal not plastic! (I’ve even sat on mine and it was fine)
  • Battery indicator


The standard starter kit comes with one battery (you can pick from 55mm, 65mm or 78mm).

The kit I am reviewing has 2 batteries included in the price which is where the “PRO” part comes into the title.

2 x 65mm V3i batteries (black rubber).

I would most definitely recommend getting 2 batteries with any kit you buy…. Why? Well you don’t want to be out and about waiting for one to charge and have nothing to use, trust me, it’s annoying!

Before I go on I must say these batteries are automatic which means the battery will turn on automatically when you inhale, much like a normal cigarette. Just attach your cartomiser to your battery, and you’re ready to go.

Manual batteries are a little different, although easy to use. Screw the cartomiser onto the battery, and when you’re ready to inhale, hold down the button on the battery. Release the button when you have finished inhaling.


65mm (180 mah)

Battery size options and capacity (mah):

55mm (150 mah)
65mm  (180 mah)
78mm ( 280 mah)

Connection type: KR-808

You may have guessed it but you can get various colours too: stainless steel, white (non-rubber), black rubber coated and white rubber coated. The rubber coating is very nice to the touch and also helps you avoid dropping your e-cig.

I also have the silver version of the 65mm battery which is sleek looking and slippery but also very nice in the hand giving a cold feeling of the stainless steel.

Here are the official charging times of the batteries (taken from JacVapour website):

Battery charging times are about 1.5 hours for the 55mm battery, 2 hours for the 65mm and 2.5 hours for the 78mm battery.

There’s not much more to say battery wise but I would advise going for either the 65mm or the 78mm to get that extra usage time from it. Reports from other users are the 55m battery just doesn’t last long enough.


I was sent the pre-filled tobacco flavour 0.6% (0.6mg) nicotine strength. You get 5 individually foil sealed cartomisers in one pack.

JacVapour-tobacco-cartomisersOptions available: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg in either black or white.

There are a huge number of flavours to pick from so I won’t list them here but you can check them out on the JacVapour site. You are also able to pick from a drop down menu when ordering the starter kit.

Price per pack of 5: £6.79

This can get really expensive – I was going through one cartomiser daily as a light smoker, I highly advise to use your own juices to refill the cartomiser which will cut down the cost massively.

You can actually re-fill the pre-filled cartomisers by removing the bung on the top and running it under the tap for a while to remove the previous flavour.

You can also purchase BLANK/EMPTY cartomisers to add your own wacky flavour of e-liquid of your choosing, I found each cartomiser lasted a long time when cleaned and maintained well.


The tobacco flavour has a smooth taste, it has a subtle sweet zing to it when the vapour hits the tongue. I’ve never really liked the taste of tobacco when I smoked, I mainly smoked for the nicotine and the throat hit so I can’t really go into detail about the tobacco flavour in this pre-filled cartomiser but if you are a tobacco lover then this will surely not disappoint.

Throat hit:

The throat hit depends on what nicotine strength you vape and since I have weaned myself down from 18mg to 6mg there is a difference.

The 0.6mg e-liquid in these cartomisers gave me enough of a throat hit for me but when selecting your first starter kit you are better of starting at a higher level of nicotine to find what you like and come down from there and ultimately aim for 0mg (which is what the objective is for switching, right?).


You’ll be surprised how much these little things can produce when it comes to vapour production, many of my friends are shocked when I blow out a small vapour cloud after taking a nice hit.



JacVapour like you to customize your e-cigarettes as much as you can to make them your own, also in the kit comes:
5x mixed coloured bungs so you know what flavour you have in your cartomisers.

2x led tips for the batteries which enables you to change the colour of tips of your battery.



Right, lets get to the business end… how much is this kit going to cost you?

This particular kit I am reviewing is £39.99 – V1P PCC Pro Kit (2x Battery incl)

If you want just one battery (I don’t recommended you do) it will cost you £32.99V1P PCC Kit (1x Battery incl)

Where to buy: Click Here – JacVapour website



JacVapour have tried to put together a complete kit to make it as easy as possible for any newcomer to e-cigarettes and I personally think they have done an outstanding job with this kit. It’s the perfect kit for anyone making the leap to e-cigs. This kit is ideal for on the on the go due to the excellent portable charging case but make sure you get that extra battery!

I will be giving the JacVapour V1P PCC Pro Kit a rating of 4.7 – the reason I didn’t give it a full 5 was because the PCC cannot accommodate the 78mm battery as well as the cartomiser together which is a shame but not a major flaw. Overall this is an excellent starter kit for any newcomer.

I really hope this review will make it easier for you to decide if this starter kit is for you… any additional comments are welcomed below.

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4 Comments on JacVapour V1P PCC Pro Starter Kit – In Depth Review

  1. GerryC82 // 28/01/2015 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Very good informative review 🙂

    I am currently using the jacvapour kit it’s really helped me get off those disgusting cancer sticks!

    I would recommend getting the empty cartridges as stated so you can fill each one with a different favours. I Love my strawberry and lime DIY juice.

  2. TheVapeZone // 02/02/2015 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for commenting.

    Yes the blank/empty cartomisers are a must be for anyone who would like to use their own e-juices and like to have more than one flavour going at one time.

  3. Thanks Mr Vapezone guy (sorry don’t know your name)

    I purchased one of these kits last week on your recommendation and I’m loving how well they perform. I was expecting them to be no where near the same as smoking a real cigarette would be but it really does feel like your smoking.

    Good call on getting 2 batteries too as while I’m using one the other one is charging in the case ready to be used after the first has discharged.

    Thank you so much for making me get one.

  4. TheVapeZone // 15/05/2015 at 5:10 pm // Reply

    Hi Louise,

    I’m glad you are getting on so well with your Jac Vapour kit.

    Any person I can convince to get off those disgusting cancer sticks is a a plus, Keep at it 🙂

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