JacVapour Series-E Battery Starter Kit Review

When I heard JacVapour were announcing a new product I went straight on their site with anticipation to see exactly what they were bringing to their already huge selection of goodies.

So what is this new “Series-E” by JacVapour?


The Series-E is JAC Vapour’s new high performance variable voltage battery.

That’s what I like about JacVapour as a company – they are always looking to improve what is already out there and are always looking to innovate instead of just selling bog standard e-cigarettes…

Well you’re probably thinking “Erm it’s just a battery” and “What’s so special about this battery compared to the ones currently on the market?”.

Firstly, this battery is SEXY!

Secondly, this battery is SMALL!

Thirdly, it is made using solid stainless steel and it’s a TANK!

I received my starter kit just a couple of weeks before the release.

It has taken me some time to get my review done since the new series-e was released but I think that has been a plus because I have had adequate time to test this battery to the fullest, using it as my daily device for vaping.

Let’s get into the specification of this battery:

– 1000mah capacity

– Variable Voltage -3.7v, 4.2v & 4.8v

– 78mm length with beauty ring attached (68mm without)

– Compatible with eGo or 510 threaded tanks

– Solid stainless steel construction

What do you get with this starter kit?

The battery itself is sold as a kit but it can be purchased separately.

I was sent the full JacVapour Series-E start kit which includes:

1 x Series-E Battery
1 x Protank 3 Tank – (Also available with Areo Tank & Genitank)
1 x Short Lead USB Charger
1 x Beauty Ring
1 x Custom SERIES-E Hard Case (pictured later)


PLEASE NOTE: I am only going to be covering the actual Series-E battery in this review, not the ProTank 3.


I really feel I need to say something about JacVapour’s packaging – they really exceed expectations, and then some!

Why? All of the kit is sent to you in a plain white box which already gets you wondering what’s hiding inside, upon opening the magnetic flap you’re greeted by a thick piece of foam and underneath you find individual boxes varying in size.


Everything has it’s own box, even the ever so small beauty ring, this box is cute!


There have been times when I’ve ordered stuff from other e-cigarette companies and the most I get is a cheap plastic bag which is open already….JacVapour don’t roll like that!
Anyway, back to the star of this starter kit…the Series-E battery!


At 68mm this battery is tiny (78mm with beauty ring)!

When I first set my eyes on the battery I was gobsmacked! How can such a small battery pack a whopping 1000mah capacity inside…?

Answer… it’s a bit thicker than a standard ego battery JacVapour stock.

EGO & Series-E Comparison

VW Ego 650 mah vs Series-E 1000 mah

The added thickness of this Series-E battery is that it feels much more comfortable in the hand.

Series-E in hand


Variable voltage – the available voltage settings are: Red = 3.7v, Green = 4.2v & White = 4.8v. When the button is pressed the colour of the LED ring reflects the voltage being used.

I find 4.2v as my normal sweet spot.

Air holes – the new E-series battery comes with 6 holes on the bottom to prevent the internal battery unit from overheating.

Series-E Air holes

I’ve never actually come across this with other EGO style batteries so this is a nice touch by JacVapour.

Safety 5 click system – a standard feature on all JacVapour batteries is the 5 click safety system which is kind of self explanatory – 5 clicks to turn the device on and 5 clicks to turn it off.

Hard Shell Case:

I nearly forgot about this! You can’t have a sexy sleek battery without having a protective case wrapped around it.

JacVapour supply a lovely case which has a rubber feel effect. Imagine a glasses case but just narrower.

JacVapour Hard Case

It will allow for a battery and tank and also an additional space for 2 bottles of e-liquid.

JacVapour Hard Case

The Good & the Bad:

Good points:

  • Venting holes – (it never got hot once compared to other EGO style batteries)
  • 1000mAh in such a small device
  • Quality finish
  • Good quality threading
  • Fits nicely into your hand
  • Flush button (although no good at night)
  • A good 2 days of solid vaping on one charge (I even went 3-4 days with moderate vaping)

Bad points:

  • No notification when battery is low, it just goes dead without warning
  • The way you change voltages is a little annoying (but I can get past that)

Overall, in my opinion, the bad points can be overlooked because the battery is so good.


The Series-E battery on it’s own will set you back £22.99 (£25.99 with beauty ring).

The price for the kit I received is £44.99.

I think that is a bargain for what you are getting – an outstanding JacVapour e cig starter kit.

Where can you buy it from: Click Here – JacVapour website


My Conclusion:

Overall this is a beautiful, if not damn right sexy, battery. The whole kit is well built from the packaging down to the beauty ring.

Please don’t be put off with this kit thinking it looks too complicated for a noob, it’s not! It would suit both a novice and an expert vaper.

In fact, paired with the right tank (I now use this battery with my EVOD tanks) this kit would be the perfect starter kit for anyone looking into ditching those cigarettes and making the change over – it may seem a bit expensive but for the quality you’re getting it will make up for the price.

JacVapour also offer a very good warranty on the Series-E battery of 60 days, in the past I’ve had a problem with my kit and they were very good in getting back to me very quickly to resolve any issues I had.

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