Jac Vapour Series-S Review

I’m back! And so is Jac Vapour! With a brand spanking new product for me to test out and review

The R&D guys over at Vapour don’t seem to rest, instead they are continually bringing out new products for their users.

Today I will be reviewing their new SERIES-S starter kit.

What I love about this range is that it caters for vapers of all levels It has been especially designed for people who have little or no experience of electronic cigarettes as well as advanced users.

And the price for this kit is a STEAL….but I’ll get into the cost after the review.

PLEASE NOTE: I was sent this kit for free but this in no way will sway my opinion on it.

Jac Vapour Series-S Start Kit

Let’s start out by seeing what’s in the box:
SERIES-S Starter Kit includes
1x SERIES-S Battery – stainless steel (also available in black)
1x SERIES-S Tank – stainless steel (also available in black)
2x S-Coils
1x Charger
1x Manual

That’s all you need to get started.

Jac Vapour never release unattractive products – all of the products I have bought or been sent from them have been beautifully packaged and designed, and the Series-S is no exception.


As soon as I receive any products for reviewing I always like to inspect the packaging. If any company has spent time designing a good product then the packaging should match! You wouldn’t expect to receive a diamond ring in a plastic bag would you?! It feels very Apple iPhone box like.

Jac Vapour Series-S

A simple yet good design with a slide off top and the non straight edging at the bottom of the lid is a nice touch in addition there is a nice purple box with foam pull out which has the vapour pen sitting snugly inside.

Lifting up the foam protector you are greeted with another card pull out which reveals the contents.

Simple but beautiful.


Jac Vapour have once again gone out of their way to design something different from the standard batteries available on the market. Gone are the loose plastic buttons you normally get on a standard EGO battery. Instead they have opted for a nice larger rubber button with LED indicators on each side of the button which tell you how much capacity is left in the battery and also the voltage drop.

Jac Vapour Series-S Battery

SERIES-S Battery Specifications
Dimensions: 17mm x 79.5mm
Stainless steel (available in black rubber feel)
Capacity: 900mAh
Voltage (unregulated):
>3.8v: Green light shows
3.4-3.8v: Blue light shows
3.1-3.4v: Red light shows
Connector: 510
Charge time: Approx. 1.5 hours
Resistance range: ≥0.5Ω

Jac Vapour Series-S Battery

Jac Vapour Series-S in hand


Charging the Series-S battery is simple as it supplied with a micro USB charger which plugs into the bottom of the battery which also means you can vape while you charge the unit.

A full charge will take around 1.5 hours. The battery drain will depend on how much you use it of course. So if you’re a heavy user and using the lower 0.5 ohm coil you might not get much out of the battery compared to using the 1.0 ohm coil.

I managed to get a day’s use out of one charge using the 1.0hm coil vaping now and again throughout the day.

It may be wise to purchase an additional battery which is what I always recommend with any starter kits.


SERIES-S Tank Specifications
Dimensions: 17mm x 51.5mm
Stainless steel and glass
Resistance range: ≥0.5Ω
Adjustable airflow
Capacity: 1.8ml
Removable mouth tip (device specific, not standard 510)

The tank may be small but it packs a punch..

Jac Vapour Series-S Tank

Jac Vapour Series-S Tank

It can hold up to 1.8ml of e-liquid. That can be quite small when using the 0.5Ohm coil, you will go through e-liquid quite fast but you will have big clouds.

The tank is made of glass not plastic which is what I love to see! Plastic tanks have the tendency to crack when using specific kinds of e-liquid, surrounding the glass tank is a stainless steel casing which will also help in protecting the glass tank.

The Series-S tank also features an air flow control at the base which will allow you to control how much air you are pulling in when taking a hit. Some like an airy hit which will produce more vapour.

When doing a direct lung hit leaving the air flow left fully open is normally the way to go but it’s there for your individual taste, I play around with the air flow to see what I like.


There are 2 coils included in the kit. 1.0Ohm and a 0.5 ohm coil.

1.0 ohm = Mouth to lung hit (MTL)
0.5 ohm = Direct lung hit (DL)

Jac Vapour Coil


The Jac Vapour Series-S – £24.99 (comes with a bottle of 10ml e-liquid to get you started)

Where can you buy it from: Click Here – Jac Vapour Series-S


My Conclusion:

The Jac Vapour Series-S is a perfect choice for both a beginner and an intermediate vaper also.

It’s small, fits in your pocket, packs a punch and produces one hell of a cloud which should satisfy anyone switching from the horrible traditional cigarette.

And what’s more it’s CHEAP and well built, which is what I always expect from Jac Vapour.

If you don’t want something that will not hurt your pocket get this little beauty.

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