ePuffer Phantom HD3 Vaporizer Starter Kit Review

ePuffer Phantom HD3

I was contacted by this company (ePuffer) a few weeks ago, they asked me if I wouldn’t mind reviewing some of their vaping products.

I must admit I have never heard of ePuffer before (although I do like the name) but I’m always excited when a new company comes to my attention.

As you may know I do not like promoting any old company on my blog. I like to know a bit more about the company i.e. where they are located, when they started trading etc I asked if they would be kind enough to send me some information about the company which can be seen below:

In 2007 Shawn Shal founder of EPUFFER recognized that e-cigarettes could have a huge impact on helping people quit smoking. Having lost his father to lung cancer he decided to develop a reliable safe product that would help people do just that. In April of 2008 EPUFFER® launched its first products through its website.

Before the production stage, each model of EPUFFER® cigarette undergoes a gas chromatography combined with a mass spectrometry (GC / MS) to determine the correct functioning of an electronic cigarette.

EPUFFER® Manufactures using American pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerol (FU/USP), Canadian pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (FU/USP) of vegetable origin (certified GMO free), pharmaceutical grade nicotine (FU/USP) and food flavorings of molecular extraction. All of our liquids are analyzed (both with and without nicotine) by external laboratories that certify the quality and for each there are technical and material safety data sheets (IATA compliant) always available to the authorities.

Key facts about ePuffer:

  • Free shipping in UK on orders over £25.00 (other wise £3.49)
  • Sell a huge array of vaping equipment and liquids (e-pipes, e-cigars and dry herb vaporisers)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year limited warranty on defective parts
  • UK telephone contact number
  • Been in business for over 7 years

Let’s get into what they sent me to review…

ePuffer Phantom HD-3 Electronic Vaporizer Starter Kit (Black)

ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit

I was also sent a disposable e-cigar and various e-liquids which I will review in a separate article.


  • Ego battery 1100mAh with USB charging port at the bottom
  • HD3 Liquamiser – 1.6ml capacity
  • USB cable
  • User Manual

ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit

So let’s jump into it!

Packaging and branding:

ePuffer has done a splendid job with the packaging making it simple but very attractive, going for black with silver text and a hint of red here and there.

Inside you’ll find a plastic tray with individual compartments for each of the components that make up the complete vaporiser.

There is also a user manual inside which is very helpful for any beginner. One thing I hate to see is kits with manuals which are poorly written and the text is in Chinglish.

The manual included in this is well written and the images are clear enough to see with proper instruction on how to assemble and change the coils on the tank.


ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit Manual ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit Manual

I noticed also on the front of the box a list of what this vaporiser can be used with:

  • Herbal Extracts
  • Essential Oils
  • E-cig liquids
  • Vapor Juice

I will only be testing it with e-liquid or e-juice. Although I think vapor juice is the same as e-liquid in this instance.

NOTE: ePuffer have listed this under Vaporisers not under e-cigarettes on the site.


The battery that comes with this vaporiser kit is a standard EGO threaded battery.

It has a capacity of 1100mAh which is a good sign as normally starter kits come with a lower capacity of 650mAh. This battery should easily last you a day or more with moderate vaping.

As with many other EGO batteries it features the 5 clicks of the button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off safety function.

It also has a micro USB port at the bottom of the battery for charging purposes.

The black one I was sent has a rubber feel to it which is handy as it grips in the hand very well.

It also fits nicely into your pocket and is quite discreet.

ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit Manual  ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit Manual


This is actually an EVOD Clearomiser. The EVOD clearomiser is one of the best out there for beginners, you may have read my other reviews on the JacVapour kits which also feature the EVOD tanks.

The tank is made of a strong plastic material (I have never had one that has cracked).

They are built extremely well! They produce ample vapour, enough for any beginner and advanced user alike which is why after 4 years of vaping I still use an EVOD tank on a daily basis.

The atomiser which came with the unit is rated at 2.10 ohms, plenty to get some small clouds going 🙂

ePuffer Phantom HD3 Starter Kit Manual

There’s not much to say about this tank, I would tell a beginner to buy this every time!


– EVOD clearomiser (in my opinion the best tank for any beginner looking to start vaping with)

– Small enough to fit into your pocket and fits well in the hand

– Easy to read manual

– 1 year warranty on defective parts

– Very fast response from support if you run into any problems

– Price – at £19.95 it’s a very reasonable price for a starter kit


– No extra coils (most other kits come with a replacement coil or two, an extra one thrown in would have been a nice) PLEASE buy extra when placing your order

– Plastic tank (cracking may occur but only when using certain juices, although I have yet to have one crack on me)

– USB charging cable could have been a bit longer


This starter kit sells for £19.95 – the price is spot on for what you’re getting and should last you a while, I would HIGHLY recommend you buy some extra coils for this kit which will save you time.

This kit also comes with a FREE bottle of e-liquid to get you started!

Where to buy: CLICK HERE


I was pleasantly surprised when I received the ePuffer Phantom Vaporiser, a well built and quality vaporiser kit for any beginner and for £20 it’s a bargain. It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself into the vaping world and not break the bank doing so.

This kit has made it into my most recommended kits for any beginner – or anyone who wants a nice smooth vape with ample clouds of vapour 😉

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