Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit NUCIG Super Realistic

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit NUCIG Super Realistic is a practical vape starter kit. This starter kit comes with five filters and a rechargeable battery to ensure your fake cigarettes never die out. With a practical case that is realistic and large vapour production no one will even know you are carrying or using fake cigarettes. Even more convenient is that, located inside the pack is a mini USB charger so you never have to worry about a dead battery – no matter where you are.


● Color Options – The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit NUCIG comes in two different color options. This makes these fake cigarettes perfect for both men and women. You can opt for the tradition black set which consists of 5 black filters and a black rechargeable battery. On the other hand, if you want something more feminine you can order the starter kit in pink.
● Realistic Size – A lot of electronic cigarettes on the market are oversized but not this one. This e cig is the same size as a traditional king size cigarette. It both looks and feels authentic although it is slightly heavier due to the battery.
● Flavour Options – What is so nice about this pack is that it allows you to store various e liquid flavors at once. Since there are five filters, you can keep five different flavours on you at all times. Many users found this extremely convenient because it allows them to change flavours to match their moods and cravings. This is unlike most fake cigarettes where there is only one filter so you have to finish one flavor before trying another.
● Long Lasting – Each filter of this electronic cigarette is meant to last for over 200 puffs. With five different filters, a single pack will last for at least 1000 puffs.


● Cardboard Pack – The pack is extremely realistic but it is made out of cardboard. This is not ideal and becomes worn out over time. Electronic cigarettes are meant to last longer than actual cigarettes so the boxes should be made out of a more durable material than traditional cigarette packs.
● Unscrew the Filter – In order for the fake cigarette to fit in the box it has to be unscrewed from the filter. This is merely inconvenient as you cannot just place the e cig in the pack when you are not using it. Instead you have to unscrew the filter and put the filter back on when you want to use it again.
● E Liquid – E liquid does not come with this starter kit so it has to be purchased individually. Some users did not realize this so when they bought the product they could not use the e cig right away.
● Flavours – Many users found the tobacco flavoured e liquid did not taste authentic. This was disappointing. However, there are many other flavour options available to you so try different kinds until you find one that you like.

The super realistic NUCIG Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes in two colors, sufficient e-liquid for 1000 puffs, five different filters and a mini USB charger inside a realistic looking pack.


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