Electronic Cigarette Side Effects

Electronic cigarette side effects do occur. Like any other product you ingest there will always be the possibility of side effects. Although not everyone will experience these side effects you should be warned prior to using electronic cigarettes that there are possible consequences. Everybody is different – quite literally – every person’s body reacts differently to different substances. Many users providing e cigarette reviews only talk about the benefits they have received from using an e cig. They praise e cigs and list the best electronic cigarettes on the market. It is mentioned how they have cut down on smoking and they no longer have a dreaded smokers cough.

However, e cigarette reviews, like any other product reviews, can be biased. According to research, even the best electronic cigarettes do actually have side effects. These side effects range from minor problems to serious health issues. Prior to starting using electronic cigarettes you should have all the information possible and be aware of potential consequences.


● The most common side effect of using electronic cigarettes is headaches or migraines. These occur when your body has ingested too much nicotine. Obviously if you are using electronic cigarettes that are nicotine free then this should not be a problem. If you do get a headache be sure to drink a lot of water and take a break from using the electronic cigarette.
● Another reason why headaches are common is because typically you use electronic cigarettes to try and quit smoking. This causes the body to go through withdrawal because it has become accustomed to tobacco and nicotine. The headaches should subside after a few days without cigarettes.

Coughing Up Tar

● Coughing up a tar like substance is very common side effect when using electronic cigarettes. This symptom is caused more from being a smoker in the past than it is directly by the electronic cigarettes. What happens is that when you begin smoking electronic cigarettes you are no longer polluting your lungs with chemicals and smoke, so your lungs have the opportunity to clean themselves out.

Dry Throat

● Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient in electronic cigarettes. This ingredient causes a dry throat that is typically sore which is an electronic cigarette side effect. A dry throat occurs because Propylene Glycol naturally absorbs moisture in the body. When you are vaping this ingredient ends up in your throat and mouth therefore it absorbs the moisture in these areas. When this occurs you have to drink plenty of water and the symptom should disappear once your body becomes used to the vaping process.

Muscle Pain

● The ingredient Propylene Glycol may also cause muscle pain because this ingredient is converted into lactic acid. Lactic acid can be responsible for muscle aches. To correct this problem you once again have to drink a lot of water to flush the lactic acid out of the body.

Bleeding Gums

● Bleeding gums are also a common side effect of using electronic cigarettes. The use of electronic cigarettes may cause the gums to weaken which results in frequent bleeding when brushing and flossing. This can be painful and if it is not treated it could eventually result in gum disease and dental problems like gingivitis.

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