eKaiser Electronic Cigar Review

Electronic Cigars use a new combination of technology and satisfaction helps to make things easier on ourselves.

Specialist ingredients and a wide variety of flavours, electronic cigars give the advantages of smoking without negative health consequences.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Old Style Cigars

It’s now easier than it’s ever been to make the change from your old favourite cigars.

Replacing with eKaiser Electronic Cigars doesn’t require you to wear a patch or chew some nasty tasting gum.

With the help of e-cigars, you can turn your health and your life around.

Not only do these cigars look like the real deal, but they taste and feel like the real deal too.

No need to ‘Give Up’ Anything

Rather than ‘giving up that nasty habit’ you can move into a new phase of life with ease and sophistication.

You won’t have to go cold turkey. No worries about how being without tobacco is going to affect you.

Tasting and feeling good, in actual fact you’re using a substitute.


  • Optimal ratio – 70/30 ideal mix of Propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerine for best throat hit/vapour results
  • Easy to use – no pre-charging required. Vape right out of the pack.
  • Up to 900 Puffs on full battery
  • Highest quality e-liquid flavour
  • Great variety of flavours: vanilla, gold tobacco, classic cigarette, cherry, blueberry, apple as well as original gold cigar


  • No Cigar Smell – if you are fond of the smell of a tobacco cigar you will miss it. But others may see this as a plus!
  • Slightly heavier than normal cigars

A Positive Step Towards Better Health

If you’re worried about the consequences of smoking, then electronic cigars can give you peace of mind.

Using vegetable glycerine that turns into a vapour, and propylene glycol which hits your throat making you feel like you’re puffing on a regular cigar, this product is a lot less damaging to your health.

Regular cigars contain a lot of toxins that can cause cancers and other horrible conditions.

Making the switch to an e-cigar can help to reduce the risk.

Safer for Those around You

If you’re concerned about your smoking and how it could potentially be harming those around you, rest assured that this product is good there too.

When you take a puff on these cigars, only harmless vapour from the vegetable glycerine will be dispersed into the air.
That has to be so much better than carbon monoxide and other chemicals.

Help yourself and help those that you love by smoking something a lot less hazardous than the traditional tobacco brands.

Great Flavour – Many Varieties

Many people wonder if electronic cigars can have the same quality of flavour as a regular cigar.

While there will always be a few differences, the flavour of this product is caramel-like and there’s a distinct sweetness to it too.

This means that you really do have the potential to enjoy smoking this type of cigar, without feeling as though you’re missing anything.

USB Charging

A lot of people imagine that in order to charge electronic cigars, you need to plug them in to a fancy charger. Or that you need to carry the charger around with you, in addition to your e cigars.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to using this particular brand, these cigars can be charged via the nearest USB port.

Simply pull the bottom of the cigar away from the top, and you’ll find a hidden USB mount. Place the mount in a USB port and charge your cigar.

Once the product has finished charging (Please allow 3 hours for a full charge), you can then place the pieces back together, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple.

E-Keiser Cigars are Long Lasting – Value for Money

Just so you know, each charge lasts for approximately 900 puffs.

As well as the great flavour, this product also feels like you’re holding a cigar.

Although the E Kaiser Cigar is slightly heavier than some regular cigars, you’ll soon find that you’ll get used to the weight.

It looks like the real deal. Unless someone is a cigar expert, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to tell you’re smoking an electronic cigar.

This just goes to show how good this product is, and how it can make you – the smoker – feel that you’re still getting that hit you love. But no negative health consequences.

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