E-liquid and Your Child – Know the Risks

Risks you should know

While e-cigarettes are cleaner and safer than traditional cigarettes, they can still be a health hazard to children if they aren’t properly taken care of. E-liquid does contain nicotine, albeit in a smaller amount than normal cigarettes, and thus can be habit-forming if consumed in large amounts. There is also such a thing as second hand vapour inhalation. While researchers have not fully discovered the potential health implications of this vapour, some have claimed that it holds risks, especially when breathed into young lungs. The bottom line is that, while e-cigarettes are a much better alternative to traditional tobacco products, they are still something that should not be used by minors.

What you can do

There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that your e-liquid stays safe. For starters, always make sure that your cartridges and liquid are locked up in a place that is out of reach for both pets and children. If you have multiple lockable storage containers, it is best to keep the cartridges and the e-liquid separate. Flavoured liquid, especially “sweet” flavours such as bubblegum, tend to be a particularly big draw to teenagers and younger children. If you enjoy these flavours, you should try to use them away from children so they won’t become drawn to the aroma or flavour. Finally, never use an e-cigarette unit when you are with a child in a confined space, such as a car with the windows rolled up.

If a child gets into your e-liquid

Even if you follow all the e-liquid safety guidelines above, there is always the chance that something will go wrong and your child will come in contact with your e-liquid. The good news is that the chances of serious harm coming to the child through minor e-liquid exposure are very low. In cases where the liquid has been splashed directly onto the skin, wash the area immediately with warm water and soap. If redness remains for a few hours or more, consult your GP. E-liquid is harmful if swallowed in large amounts, so if your child drank the liquid you should contact a doctor or your local poison control line immediately.

E-liquid is very safe as long as you realize that it is not intended for use by minors. If you follow these e-liquid safety guidelines and take the same precautions that you would normally take with any sort of substance that is usable by adults only, you should be able to enjoy the e-cigarette experience with no worries as to their safety or effectiveness.

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