E-Cig Maintenance 101: How To Make Your E-Cig Last Longer


Our world revolves around maintenance.

You maintain your teeth when you brush them. You maintain your car when you change its oil. You maintain your garden when you cut the grass.

But what happens when you stop maintaining those things? …

Your teeth will eventually rot and fall out. Your car will not run as efficiently as it should, and its engine will inevitably fail. And your garden will become overgrown and unattractive.

Without maintenance, bad things tend to happen.

And that statement is just as true in regards to your electronic cigarette. So whether you already own one or are in the market for one, it’s imperative that you learn how to properly maintain it and put what you learn to use.

Here are five key maintenance actions you need to take with your e-cig to keep it running as efficiently as the day you first bought it.

Battery Maintenance

I always like to start with the easiest part, first…

E-cig batteries require very little maintenance. But that doesn’t mean the maintenance isn’t important.

Your goal with battery maintenance is to prolong both the lifespan and performance of the battery. You accomplish this in two ways:

1. Never overcharge the battery. Most e-cig batteries are not designed to spend hours on the charger. Doing so will sacrifice longevity and power. Two hours tends to be the average maximum amount of time a battery needs to be on a charger (from no charge to full charge). Or, once you see the full-charge indicator, remove the battery.

2. Regularly wipe off the battery. Excess e-liquid on the battery connector can accelerate corrosion (a notorious battery killer) for both the battery and the charger it’s connected to. With a paper towel, wipe off the metal battery connector before every charge.

Mouthpiece Maintenance

Mouthpiece maintenance is also fairly simple and straightforward.

The main issue effecting mouthpiece performance is e-liquid build-up inside the mouthpiece opening. When that happens, it can restrict the airflow when dragging on the e-cig, which hinders e-liquid intake and causes an uncomfortable popping when you’re vaping.

The most effective way to clean out the mouthpiece is to remove it from the e-cig unit and run warm water through it’s opening. Afterwards, let the mouthpiece dry naturally or use a paper towel to thoroughly hand-dry both its interior and exterior before reattaching it to the unit.

If the mouthpiece will not separate from the unit, then simply roll up a small piece of paper towel so that it fits inside the mouthpiece opening and maneuver it around to soak up the excess e-liquid.

Atomiser Maintenance

There are two important processes for maintaining your atomiser: wick maintenance and atomiser cleansing.

Wick maintenance. Inside the tank portion of the atomiser unit you’ll find the wick (or batting) that soaks up the e-liquid. Over time, this wick will wear out. Less vapour output and/or a burnt taste are two indicators that this has happened.

When the wick starts to go bad, you have two options: replace the wick or buy a new tank. For almost all e-cig models, replacing the tank will be the most time-efficient method. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive to replace. Simply contact your vendor to have a new set of tanks sent to you.

Atomiser Cleansing. Regardless of how careful you are when filling the atomiser tank, over time, liquid will infiltrate the heating element. When this happens, you need to remove the excess liquid to prevent a stale tasting vape and avoid vaping issues.

The simplest and most effective way to clean your atomiser is to take a paper towel and place it across the mouthpiece end of the atomiser. You will then gently blow through the end that connects to your e-cig’s battery. As you blow, you’ll notice the liquid landing on the paper towel.

Repeat the process until you no longer hear the gurgling sound when you drag on your e-cig.

So when you go to maintain your electronic cigarette, keep the following three components in mind:

1. Battery
2. Mouthpiece
3. Atomizer

Follow the guidelines mentioned above on a bi-weekly basis (daily for the battery) and you’ll prolong the life and performance of your e-cig, and avoid having to spend your hard-earned money on a new unit.

Have any addition maintenance tips you’d like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Five Pawns // 01/06/2016 at 9:00 am // Reply

    Unscrew the atomizer from your e-cigarette. If you have a drip tip assembly, remove it from the battery. Remove the atomizer cone or drip protector as well, if applicable.

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