Benefits Associated With Using E-Cigarettes

smoking an electronic cigarette in his office

Over the past few years, popularity levels of e-cigarettes have risen tremendously, and as a result, users of these devices now have more product choices than ever. The reason for these devices being so popular is that they have numerous benefits associated with using them – unlike traditional cigarettes. Listed below are just a few of the most obvious benefits.

Save a lot of money

These days, a pack of cigarettes can cost as much as £10 depending on the brand and size used. With many people smoking a pack of more of these a day, the cost of this habit can quickly escalate to hundreds of pounds per month – before even taking the cost of lighters and ashtrays into account! In most states, then you add on the tax per pack which also adds to the rising cost of this commodity. Although the initial outlay for e-cigarettes may be a fairly expensive exercise, the long-term cost of using them usually amounts to less than £30 a month for cartomisers and batteries. This can amount to thousands of pounds saved over the course of a year. I know personally I have saved around £2,000 over 2 years! I’ve also spent around £400+ on e-cigs and mods but I’ll leave that for another post.

A safer option

Owing to the fact that an open flame is used to light regular cigarettes, these devices have been labelled as being responsible for as many as 15% of all house and building fires. This has resulted in thousands of unnecessary fire-related deaths of people and animals around the world, not to mention the millions of pounds’ worth of possessions that are lost at the same time. E-cigarettes on the other hand rely on a battery for power, which means that there are never any flames or burning embers to contend with. Although there have been cases where e-cigarettes have exploded, the devices in question had been modified by users. I also question what chargers they were using when these explosions happened. This made them extremely unsafe and risky to use.

Improve your social life

Let’s face it -very few people can say that they really enjoy the smell of regular cigarette smoke, simply because it is able to permeate into almost anything. This, along with the fact that the smoking of regular cigarettes causes a host of irreversible health conditions, has seen the popularity of this habit declining rapidly over the past decade or so. As more and more public places are saying no to the smoking of regular cigarettes, this has provided an ideal way for e-cigarettes to gain the limelight. In many cases, prospective employers also tend to discriminate against regular smokers. However, there is no real reason to prevent an employee from using his or her e-cigarette while working but please ask before blowing clouds of vapour in the office.

When shopping for e-cigarettes and their accompanying accessories like batteries and atomizers, it is important to ensure that they are only purchased from reputable online sites or dealers, as there are many cheap imitation products that have hit the market over the past while. These have usually not been tested to ensure user safety, which means that you could be placed at risk of injury if the device goes faulty for any reason. All suppliers and manufacturers I mention on the VapeZone are highly reputable.

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