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The Vapezone and Electric Cigarettes

There’s a lot of information on the Internet about electric cigarettes. The problem is that some information available online are insufficient, contradictory or worse, incorrect. Some of the facts are presented by e-cig manufacturers, while others who don’t even use electric cigarettes personally offer their own opinions too.

At The VapeZone, you will only find facts and no-nonsense opinions, guaranteed.

Now you might be wondering, who the heck is this guy anyway? Got a couple of minutes? Ok read on.

First of all, I’m a regular person just like you.

If you’re a smoker, you probably have had your fill of people trying to tell you what to do. Some of them tell you to quit, which is good advice mind you but they talk as if you’re an absolute moron. The problem is that they were never regular smokers, which means they don’t understand the meaning of cigarette addiction. They don’t understand how cigarettes can take control of your life. They don’t understand how even the motions involved in lighting a cigarette can be habit-forming.

But I understand. After all, I made the switch to electric cigarettes 2 years ago (2012). For ten years before that, I was a regular cigarette smoker. I smoked what we in the vaping community now call “analog” cigarettes, to differentiate them from their electronic counterparts.

So I understand your predicament. I know it’s not going to be easy. But I can help because I made the same journey you’re about to take. I can be your guide and this is what The VapeZone is all about – to guide you.

I can help you navigate the electric cigarette minefield.

After I switched to the ecig, I was able to find out a lot about the many choices available out there.

It’s a real minefield, let me tell you. There are simply too many choices, and the problem is that when you make the wrong choice, it could very well discourage you from using ecigs forever also that choice could be a expensive one.

Some of the brands out there are easy to use, while others are extremely complicated. You’ll learn about the different voltages and wattages, rebuildable atomizers, pro tanks and EVOD tanks, and mechanical mods.

Then there are the flavours, of course. With analog cigarettes, each brand has a distinctive flavour. And a single brand may have just a handful of flavours. There’s regular, “light”, and menthol.

A single brand can offer more than 50 different flavours – I’m not kidding. Think of a nice delicious fruit, and there’s an ecig flavour for it. So you have lime, orange, grape fruit, what have you. In other words, if a juice drink is offered in a specific fruit flavour, you can find it with ecigs too. And don’t let me get started on ice cream flavours.

All in all, you probably have thousands of options when it comes to flavour.

The good news is that I’ve been interested about all these things ever since I made the switch. I can tell you my findings and opinions about all these flavours, and all the different styles. I can help you choose the best electric cigarette you can try if you’re an absolute beginner.

I can even give you tips on how to use one properly, and how to choose one to fit your preferences. I actually managed to convince many of my friends to quit analog cigarettes, and now they call me the “e-cig gadget geek”.

I can tell you about all the issues regarding the use of the electric cigarettes.

There are a lot of issues regarding the ecig. In fact, it’s somewhat controversial.

For example, there’s actually a debate as to whether using ecigs is a good thing. Seriously, some people think they’re more harmful for you than “analog” cigarettes!

Everyone knows “analog” cigarettes are bad for you. But I can give you good reasons for switching to electric cigarettes, and not just because it’s better than normal cigarettes. I can also give you good reasons why it’s better than the cold turkey approach.

For example, the cold turkey approach doesn’t work for a lot of people. And that goes the same for other methods like nicotine patches.

Here at The VapeZone, you’ll find lots of info that will not only encourage you to switch to ecigs but also help you make the transition a lot smoother. You can of course present your own thoughts, and ask about various topics that have not yet been covered here.

The VapeZone is for you, and for everyone who wants to be healthy and quit smoking effectively.

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