5 Tips and Tricks For Getting The Most Out of Your E-Cig

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In the vaping world, quality and longevity reign supreme.

Quality comes in the form of a sleek, high performance electronic cigarette with well-designed components (re: atomiser, battery, charger, etc.).

Longevity comes in the form of the life cycle of crucial parts and components – how long your battery stays charged, how long your e-liquid lasts, etc.

Both are major contributors to an enjoyable vaping experience. And both can be maximized by regularly executing a few simple maintenance and performance-enhancing tasks.

Today, I’m going to share with you five simple and easy tips and tricks you can use on your e-cig that will insure you’re getting the most out of it for years to come.

* Special Note: The tips and tricks below are geared mainly towards cartomizer and atomiser e-cigs. However, most of them can be modified for use with other e-cig types.

Tip #1: Remove the battery when filling the tank.

Leaving your e-cig’s battery connected while you’re filling its tank causes pressure to build up within the tank. This often leads to liquid leaking out of the tank during filling.

The issues with the above situation are two-fold:

  1. Over time, the liquid that leaked can be deposited onto the battery. If left on there, it will turn into “gunk” and accelerate battery corrosion, shortening the battery’s lifespan and decreasing performance.
  1. The loss of liquid costs you more money in the long run. The more liquid you spill, the less you have to vape with and the more often you’ll have to replenish your supply.

Tip #2: Wipe off the battery before charging it.

Always clean the battery connector before you connect it to your charger, no matter how clean it appears.

Even following Tip #1, there will be times when some e-liquid leaks onto the battery. As I touched on earlier, leaving it there can accelerate corrosion and compromise performance.

But now it’s not just the battery that’s affected, but also the charger. Replacing both can become expensive.

Tip #3: Fill the tank slowly.

Don’t rush the process of filling your tank. I can’t tell you how many times friends and acquaintances have had to replace tanks simply because they were careless when filling it.

Rushing leads to e-liquid getting inside the tank’s heating element. This happens because the person inadvertently allows the e-liquid to enter the “chamber hole” in the middle of the tank.

While you can burn that e-liquid off by pushing the battery button to heat the unity for a short duration of time, if this happens too often, it will inevitably damage the heating element.

You’ll know when e-liquid is in the heating element when you experience a gurgling noise and/or popping sensation when you vape.

To avoid this altogether, make sure you take your time and allow the e-liquid to run along the side of the interior tank wall until it’s reached the tank’s “full” indicator.

Tip #4: Don’t overcharge your battery.

We discussed this in the E-cig Maintenance 101 article; but it’s so important that it warrants mentioning again.

Most e-cig batteries are susceptible to overcharging. And overcharging is one of the fastest ways to destroy a perfectly good battery, possibly leading to shorter battery life on a full charge, shorter battery lifespan, and decreased battery power.

Unless stated otherwise by your e-cig’s manufacturer, approximately two hours should be the max amount of time a fully depleted battery should be left on a charger. (Two hours is the average time it takes for a battery to fully charge).

The longer a fully charged battery sits on a charger, the more likely it is to become damaged due to overcharging.

So never charge your e-cig’s battery overnight and make sure you’re around to disconnect it shortly after it’s fully charged.

Tip #5: Take slower and longer drags.

It’s not the strength of your drag, but the length that ultimately determines the power of each hit from your e-cig (excluding nicotine strength and carrier liquid).

One of the more common complaints from new e-cig users is that of not getting a strong enough “kick” when they inhale.

When someone brings this up to me, the first thing I ask him is, “How hard do you drag on the e-cig?” 99% of the answers I receive include “like I did with a regular cigarette.”

Dragging on a traditional tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette are two completely different things.

Where most people drag short and hard on a tobacco cigarette, e-cigs are meant to be vaped slow and steady. Doing so actually gives you a stronger hit and prevents the e-cig wick from burning prematurely.

I always suggest taking a lighter, slower, and steadier drag (lasting for 3-4 seconds). That seems to always do the trick.

How about you? Have any tips and/or tricks of your own that could benefit other e-cig users who want to maximize their vaping experience?

We’d love for you to share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

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  1. Excellent advice. Following the tips mentioned in this post should make your overall vaping experience better and more pleasurable. Thanks for sharing this valuable resource!

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